GroupWise 18 WebAccess Help

  GroupWise 18 WebAccess Help
    Getting Started
      Starting GroupWise WebAccess
      Understanding Timing Out from GroupWise WebAccess
      Changing Your Password
      Getting to Know the GroupWise WebAccess Interface
        Understanding the Nav Bar
        Understanding the Toolbar
      Exploring the Folder List
        Home Folder
        Mailbox Folder
        Unopened Items
        Sent Items Folder
        Calendar Folder
        Contacts Folder
        Tasklist Folder
        Work in Progress Folder
        Cabinet Folder
        Junk Mail Folder
        Trash Folder
        Shared Folders
      Understanding GroupWise Item Types
        Phone Message
      Identifying the Icons Appearing Next to Items
      Learning More
        GroupWise Documentation Web Page
        GroupWise Cool Solutions Web Community
    Getting Organized
      Using Categories to Organize Items
        Assigning a Category
        Adding a New Category
        Removing a Category from an Item
        Renaming a Category
        Deleting a Category
      Using Folders to Organize Your Mailbox
        Modifying the Folder List
        Deleting Folders
        Creating a Personal Folder
        Renaming a Folder
        Moving an Item to Another Folder
        Understanding Find Results Folders
        Using Shared Folders
          Sharing an Existing Folder with Other Users
          Accepting a Shared Folder
          Posting an Item to a Shared Folder
          Deleting a Shared Folder
          Transferring Ownership of a Shared Folder
          Taking Ownership of a Shared Folder
      Sending Email
        Composing Email
        Formatting Messages
          Changing the Font in the HTML View
          Formatting Bulleted and Numbered Lists
          Undoing the Last Text Action
        Spell-Checking Messages
          Spell-Checking an Item with Spell Checker
          Spell-Checking Items Automatically with Spell Checker
          Selecting the Spell Checker Language
        Attaching Files
        Adding a Signature
        Saving Unfinished Email
          Understanding Auto-Save
          Enabling or Disabling Auto-Save
          Saving an Unfinished Email
        Selecting the Default Compose View
        Addressing Mail Messages
          Adding Addresses to Mail Messages
        Selecting Send Options
          Changing the Priority of Mail You Send
          Changing the Security Setting (Classification) of All Items You Send
          Changing the MIME Encoding of a Message
        Posting a Note
        Sending a Phone Message
      Managing Sent Email
        Retracting Sent Email
        Resending Email
        Checking the Status of Sent Email
          Checking the Status of an Item
          Saving the Status Information of an Item
          Printing the Status Information of an Item
        Confirming Delivery of Email You Send
          Tracking Sent Items
          Receiving Notifications about Items You Send
          Requesting a Reply for Items You Send
        Displaying Sent Items
        Sorting Sent Items
      Receiving Email
        Reading Received Items
          Reading Items
          Setting the View for One Item
          Marking an Item Unread
          Marking an Item Read
        Reading Attachments
          Viewing Attached Files
          Saving Attached Files
          Opening Attached Files
          Printing Attached Files
        Replying to Email
          Replying to an Email
          Modifying Your Compose Settings
        Forwarding Email to Other People
      Managing Received Email
        Saving an Item to Disk
        Saving Status Information
        Deleting Email
        Viewing the Source of External Messages
        Sorting Received Items
      Printing Email
      Handling Unwanted Email (Spam)
        Understanding Junk Mail Handling
        Blocking or Junking Email
      Managing Your Calendar
        Viewing Your Calendar
          Opening the Calendar Folder or a Calendar View
          Selecting Calendars to Display
          Viewing a Different Date in the Calendar
          Viewing All Day Events in the Calendar
          Navigating in the Calendar
          Understanding Calendar Shading
        Reading a Calendar Entry
        Creating a Personal Calendar
          Changing Calendar Color
        Using Shared Calendars
          Sharing an Existing Calendar with Other Users
          Posting a Calendar Entry to a Shared Calendar
          Transferring Ownership of a Shared Calendar
          Taking Ownership of a Shared Calendar
      Sending Calendar Items
        Scheduling Appointments
          Scheduling an Appointment for Yourself
          Scheduling an Appointment for Multiple People
          Using Busy Search to Check Availability
          Rescheduling an Appointment
          Canceling an Appointment
          Scheduling a Recurring Appointment
          Canceling a Recurring Appointment
        Sending Reminder Notes
          Scheduling a Reminder Note for Yourself
          Scheduling a Reminder Note for Other Users
      Receiving Calendar Items
        Accepting or Declining Calendar Items
        Delegating Calendar Items
        Saving Calendar Items
        Moving an Appointment to a Different Calendar
      Publishing Personal Calendars on the Internet
        Publishing a Personal Calendar
        Modifying a Published Calendar’s Settings
        Unpublishing a Calendar
        Publishing Your Free/Busy Schedule
      Printing a Calendar
    Tasks and the Tasklist
      Understanding the Tasklist Folder
      Using Tasks
        Assigning a Task
          Assigning a Task to Other Users
          Assigning a Task to Yourself
        Tracking Task Completion
          Marking an Item As Complete
          Checking the Completion Status of a Task You Sent
      Using the Tasklist Folder
        Moving an Item from Another Folder to the Tasklist Folder
        Assigning a Due Date and Time to a Tasklist Item
        Reordering the Tasklist Folder
          Moving Items Up or Down in the Tasklist
          Moving an Item to the Top or Bottom of the Tasklist
    Contacts and Address Books
      Understanding Address Books
        GroupWise Address Book
        Frequent Contacts Address Book
        Personal Address Books
      Using the Address Selector
        Addressing an Item with the Address Selector
      Using the Contacts Folder
        Managing Contacts
          Adding a Contact
          Modifying a Contact
          Deleting a Contact
          Changing the Display Name of a Contact
          Viewing All Correspondence with a Contact
          Journaling Interactions with Contacts
        Managing Groups
          Creating and Saving a Personal Group
          Modifying a Group
          Adding Contacts to a Group
          Deleting a Contact from a Group
          Addressing Items to a Group
          Viewing Group Information
        Managing Resources
          Accepting and Declining Resource Requests
          Adding a Personal Resource
          Modifying a Personal Resource
          Deleting a Personal Resource
        Managing Organizations
          Adding a Personal Organization
          Modifying a Personal Organization
          Deleting a Personal Organization
        Using Frequent Contacts to Address an Item
        Sending Mail to a Contact from the Contacts Folder
      Working with Address Books
        Opening an Address Book
        Creating a Personal Address Book
        Editing a Personal or Frequent Contacts Address Book
          Copying a Personal Address Book
          Copying Entries to Another Personal Address Book
          Renaming a Personal Address Book
          Deleting Entries from a Personal Address Book
        Deleting a Personal Address Book
        Accepting a Shared Address Book
        Viewing People, Groups, Organizations, or Resources in an Address Book
        Searching for Address Book Entries
          Narrowing Your Search
          Defining the Name Completion Search Order
    Finding Items
      Understanding GroupWise Searches
      Searching for a Word or Phrase Using Basic Find
      Searching with Criteria
      Narrowing a Search
      Viewing the Results of a Search
      Finding Text in Items
      Actions a Rule Can Perform
      Creating a Rule
        Creating a Basic Rule
        Creating a Vacation Rule
        Creating a Rule to Forward All Mail to Another Account
        Limiting Items Affected by a Rule
        Using Rule Conditions
          Understanding Rule Fields
          Using Rule Operators
          Using Rule Wildcard Characters and Switches
      Editing a Rule
      Deleting a Rule
      Enabling or Disabling a Rule
    Mailbox/Calendar Access for Proxies
      Receiving Proxy Rights
        Adding and Removing Proxy Names and Rights in the Mailbox Owner’s Access List
        Adding and Removing Users in Your Proxy List
      Accessing a Mailbox or Calendar as a Proxy
    Document Management
      Searching for Documents
      Viewing a Document
      Opening a Document
      Saving a Document
      Viewing the Properties of a Document
    Maintaining GroupWise
      Managing Mailbox Passwords
        Getting Help When You Have Forgotten Your Password
        Using LDAP Authentication
        Changing Your LDAP Password
        Remembering Your GroupWise or LDAP Password
        Using Mailbox Passwords with Proxies
      Managing Your Trash
        Displaying Items in Your Trash
        Undeleting an Item in Your Trash
        Saving an Item In Your Trash
        Emptying the Trash
      Checking Your WebAccess Version
    What’s New In GroupWise 18 WebAccess
    GroupWise Frequently Asked Questions
    Using Shortcut Keys
    Legal Notices